Via-Vox offers a range of products which provide communication services. These include:







Powwownow offers a low cost voice and web conferencing solution with a no booking, no billing, no fuss solution. Powwownow uses national rate numbers, so each participant dials into the conference call and pays for the call themselves, without the host paying a large conference fee.

Powwownow has advanced features such as Web conferencing, Scheduler facility, recording facilities, and International caller access. We have upgraded our web product as well as our Scheduler product over the years so that we are continually able to provide our customers with the best service available within a reasonable cost.

Powwownow has grown from strength to strength and is Europe´s fastest growing conference call provider, with products in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, USA, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Belgium, and with access numbers worldwide, it is no wonder that Powwownow has doubled its size every year.

AllConferenceCalls offers a Pay As You Go conferencing solution with a range of local numbers across the world. And if you want the call to be free, there is also a range of Toll Free numbers available. Customers can select a service and payment plan to suit their needs.

This has currently been launched in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, USA, UK, Ireland and Israel, with more sites coming over the next few months.

All-Call offers a simple voice conferencing product with an 0845 number range. We introduced this product to see how a simple conferencing product would work in the market place, without offering all the extra facilities that Powwownow has to offer. Since All-Call started in May 2006, it has grown by 300% in the past year, and we have expanded the type of service to France and Germany

The worldwide service which allows you to see international time zones. EasyTZ was developed as an effortless way to work out the time zones of people with whom you may need to communicate.

With EasyTZ, all you have to do is select your location, and then select the location of the people with whom you wish to communicate. You can then select your date/time and EasyTZ will work out the time in your participant´s location. Daylight savings times are included so you´ll never be caught off guard.

Yuuguu, named after the Japanese word for fusion, was founded by entrepreneurs Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted in 2007 after they became frustrated by working together remotely and not being able to see and share each other´s computer screens in real time.

Recognising the changing world of work, Yuuguu came about as a solution to help people work together remotely, through any firewall, across different platforms, with as many colleagues as needed, just as if they were sat right next to each other.

Via-Vox acquired a majority share in Yuuguu on July 2010.